Association Introduction

Taiwan Art Space Alliance (TASA) aims to facilitate, promote, and advocate artist-in-residence programs, talent cultivation, international arts affairs, policies for art spaces, cultural asset management.

We are a group of experienced artist-in-residence organizers and art space curators, with the goal of creating a platform for better utilizing Taiwan’s art spaces and their resources. By connecting different organizations during the planning phases of events, TASA hopes to better Taiwan’s overall art and culture environment and visibility. In our strive to connect Taiwan to the world’s art community, TASA welcomes experienced individuals and art talents to join us to weave a larger international network.

TASA’s main missions include:

  1. Facilitating management and development for artist-in-residence organizations and art spaces.
  2. Assisting government authorities to promote cultural establishments.
  3. Observing and research policies for artist-in-residence programs and art spaces in Taiwan.
  4. Holding regular “annual meetings” to share discourse and strategic analyses of artist-in-residence programs and art space management.
  5. Holding regular workshops to facilitate the development of artist-in-residence and non-profit art spaces in Taiwan.
  6. Creating a consultation platform for life-long learning and talent incubation for Taiwan’s artist-in-residence and people in art-related administrative positions.
  7. Engaging in international artist-in-residence programs to facilitate experience exchange with Taiwan’s organizations.
  8. Establishing an online TASA database to share with the international art community.

During TASA’s implementation days, its initiator, Taipei Artist Village, used the concept of artist village and engaged dozens of art villages in Taiwan and optimised their creative energy to foster discussions on issues such as art space management and art village operations in Taiwan.

In July, 2016, TASA held its second annual conference, titled “Art Action: Festival and Community Revitalization,” along with its founding ceremony, where TASA submitted its application to become an officially registered national civil organization with the Ministry of the Interior, which was approved in September of the same year. TASA members include Lightbox Photo Library, Taipei Artist Village, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Lize Puppet Art Colony, VT Artsalon, Pier-2 Art Center, Siao-Long Cultural Park, Tsung Yeh Arts and Cultural Center, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Treasure Hill Artist Village, among others. In the future, TASA hopes to create an independent and professional third sector for non-governmental organisations and independent practitioners.