Res Artis Conference 2024 — TAIPEI

Interweave the Spectrum
06 – 09 September 2024

The 2024 Res Artis conference titled Interweave the Spectrum: Beyond Collaboration will be organized by the Taipei|Treasure Hill Artist Village under the Taipei Culture Foundation and co-organized by the Taiwan Art Space Alliance held in Taipei from 6 – 9 September 2024. The conference is supported by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government.

Over 200 Res Artis Members, artists, curators, and art administrators from across the globe will gather in Taipei, a multicultural city in Asia that embraces creativity and openness, to focus on trends and challenges of collaborative practice within the international arts residencies field. Using the spectrum as a symbol, where the continuous flow brings the opposite extremes together, the conversation around collaboration will delve into deeper concepts of cross-disciplinary models, social engagement, capacity building and evaluation.

This conference will pay tribute to Margaret Shiu (1946–2021), the founder of Bamboo Curtain Studio and former board member of Res Artis. Margaret was a global leader in the arts residencies field who dedicated her life’s work to ensuring Taiwan and Asia’s place on the international arts residencies map. Her pioneering work in cross-cultural collaboration will be commemorated.

Stay tuned for further details, Early Bird registrations and announcements…

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